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Who's Who at the Wedding

Jenni Whitfield

The Bride

Jenni will be the one arriving last to the church and expecting to find a space at the front. A Process Engineer for a well known oil company - sometimes this is known as a Chemical Engineering. Essentially it's all about cooking up crude oil and trying to get the oil and lots of other junk to flow through big pipes so those people in the refinery can do some more cooking.

David Kemp

The Groom


Dave will be the one standing around at the beginning and looking nervous. Later he will be found standing at the front of the church waiting for Jenni. An engineering team leader for a major oil company looking after big tanks and lots of pipes in the Shetlands. Rumour has it he once had a proper job as and engineer. His role now is more about bossing people around - Jenni please take note.

Rosemary Anthony

The Chief Bridesmaid


Rose will be one of the last to arrive in the church. She will be the one ordering people around and taking trying to take charge. A Reservoir Engineer for a major oil company - I think that means she looks after a big undergound lake of long and short chain hydrocarbons which are basically recycled long and short tail dinosaurs. Who said oil companies weren't into recycling and the environment.

Andrew Grainger

The Best Man


Andrew is a Chemical engineer working in petrochemicals for a major oil company after defecting from another major oil company. He has a smashing job that involves smashing hydrocarbon molecules into other hrdrocarbon molecules to make guess what - more hydrocarbon molecules? Andrew's other job is to get David to the church on time and keep him there until Jenni arrives.


Kat Ward

The Bridesmaid

Kat will be one of crowd (including Rose and Helen) hanging around the back of the church waiting for Jenni to arrive. All three will be  dressed very much alike and be doing lots of fussing over the bride. A Structural Engineer for a major engineering company  who spends her time fussing over wind turbines (that very big windmills to the rest of us) and making sure they are standing up properly.


Iain Kemp

The Chief Usher


Iain works for an industrial baking company that supply most of the major supermarkets. If you want to know how to make cherry cake by the truckload he's your man. Iain will be organising things at the back of the church, well actually the main door is on the side of the church. If you need any information or help then Iain is the go to person together with the either of the other two Ushers.

Andy Whitfield

The Usher


Andy will be another one lurking at the back of the church ensuring that you are sitting in the right place and doing as you are told. If not his experience of dealing with troublesome mine workers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will be put to good use. Unlike Helen, Andrew normally looks after massive machines including 300 ton trucks and huge diggers with 60 ton buckets.

Helen Makey

The Bridesmaid


Helen will be checking her stop watch to make sure everything is running to time. A Race Support Engineer for the Renault  Formula 1 racing team - Unlike most of the other engineers who look after big lumps of steel, Helen looks after some proper precision engineering that goes very fast. She has taken time off from the race circuit to ensure that wedding  runs smoothly.

Mark Whitfield

The Usher


Mark is the last member of the team. He will be ensuring everybody is seated and handing out instructions manuals (or are they called Orders of Service). The final engineer in this who's who of engineering he should be heading out to Angola for his first adventure in mining which involves digging up diamonds and trying to avoid getting eaten by the local crocodiles.

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