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The Sardinia Cruise 2019

Caprese Salad

Places to Visit


A list of places to visit in Northern Sardinia.

Harbours and Marinas

Lunch and Swimming

  • Baia Sardinia - Halfway between Cannigione and Poltu Quatu

  • Cala Corlotto

  • Cala Corsara  - Swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing in the near uninhabited splendour

  • Cala Coticcio

  • Cala Francese - Small quiet beach.

  • Cala Granu

  • Cala di Volpe - Luxury resort community offering a swimming pool, golf course and plenty of bars and restaurants serving tempting lunchtime fare

Other information

  • Northern Sardinia chart showing sailing area

  • Sunsail base address:
    Via A.Vespucci, 28
    Cannigione (Sassari)
    Sardinia, Italy

  • Sunsail base opening hours:
    Mon-Thu: in case of charter
    Fri-Sat: 9am-8pm (or until last charter)
    Sunday: 9am-12.00 in case of charter
    Outside of these times the base in Procida can be contacted.



Red circles denote Harbours and Marinas. Green circles denote Lunch and Swimming spots.

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