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Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts

Your attendance at the wedding and having a good time celebrating and dancing with us is all we really wish for. However, some people have asked if we have a gift list so we have decided to put one together to ease the difficulty of picking something Jenni might like, or we’d welcome a surprise.

Our wedding list suggestions can be found at John Lewis. Options for buying a gift from the list are:

  • Online

    • At

    • Click on the Buy A Gift

    • Enter the gift list number 681505 or find it by entering our names and the wedding date: J Whitfield or D Kemp 24 September 2016

  • In the shop

    • Pop into the Gift List department in any John Lewis store and give them the list number and/or our names and wedding date and they'll give you a copy of the list.

    • You can then either buy it and leave it with them, and they'll deliver, or buy it and tell them and take it away with you to bring on the day.

  • Over the phone

    • The telephone number for guests is 0345 600 2202. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm, Saturday 8am - 6.30pm, Sunday 10am - 6pm. (Please refer to your service provider for call charges.) 

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